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Lockdown Biohack #4 - Go Barehand

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like being uncomfortable in the winter months, then this is a perfect 28 Day practice. At the end of it, you can begin to use your energy for more positive, creative, healing, adaptive applications. But first, we have to get you over the hurdle of having a negative response to cold.

Having spent the last 10 years barefooting in the snow, it was necessary for me to pay attention to the type of snow I was exposed to because it made a difference in how long I could stay outside barefoot. For example, wet snow draws the heat out of your body faster than dry snow. I avoid salt* altogether because it takes the temperature of the snow/ice to below minus 15 Celsius and that’s risky for frostbite. Although it’s never been studied, I can attest that over time while barefooting, picking up snow with my hands was something I didn’t think much about because it became more natural that as my feet adapted to the cold. Somehow the brain knew the more I exposed my bare feet, the more my hands could tolerate.

Our Lockdown Biohack for today is to GO BAREHAND. Step outside in your boots (and dress warm so you can focus on your hands) without mittens or gloves. I suggest you don’t look at your phone to see the temperature as you may set yourself up to be cold even before you get there. This practice is to focus on exposing your hands to nature.

Once outside notice what you are feeling in your hands only. Hold your exposed hands in front of you and look at them. If they are cold right away ask yourself if you have already decided they are cold before you’ve had the experience. Let go of those thoughts. Now pay attention to what you are feeling? What happens when cold air touches your skin?

Now try to touch the snow or the ground with both hands at the same time and be still. Count to 10 or 20. Experience the cold in nature without making a judgment whether is it good or bad. It just is. Be aware of your thoughts. Describe the sensation of this barehand experience to yourself without using the word “COLD”. Write it down when you get back indoors.

During this pandemic, it’s a good reminder to experience how our brains and bodies are designed to keep us alive and support us all the time. We can count on them.

Feel free to share your experiences so others can learn from you. Tag #lockdownbiohacks and Tag me on Instagram @caminosue and TikTok Barefoot Sue

And FB Sue Regan Kenney when you share.

I encourage you to include the whole family.

Soul to sole,

Barefoot Sue

*Snow does not melt ice. Read more here


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