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Barefoot Basics Certified Barefoot Coach Program

As a Certified Barefoot Coach, you will have the skills to teach others how to create a Barefoot Practice that can be incorporated into anyone's lifestyle. You will learn how to instruct and motivate people to help normalize barefooting as our ancestors did! Your Facilitator is Barefoot Sue who is considered an expert who has lived a barefoot lifestyle for over 14 years, wrote the book How to Wear Bare Feet, and is an influencer on TikTok.

Barefoot Basics is a Certified Barefoot Coach Program that gives you the qualification to teach others. We are feeling excited about offering this to anyone interested in creating a Coaching Practice that includes Barefoot as part of their wellness focus. You don't have to be an athlete or a professional to teach the incredible benefits. You'll learn how to present the material for optimum success, some of the science, how the foot functions, the foot to brain connection, grounding/earthing, and how to teach someone to create a Barefoot Practice that easily integrates into their life,  Courses are offered on Zoom and followed with a scheduled individual 30 minute one-on-one Zoom session with Barefoot Sue. Next Course Date is for 2 weeks: May 8 and May 15.  Starts at 6:00 - 8:00 PM Course Fees $160 US (HST Included) Feel free to message me if you have questions. 

How to Wear Bare Feet with Barefoot Sue

Course Fees $95  
Plus HST tax $12.35
Total $107

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You will receive an application form by email with further details. 

Stay connected to nature, soul to sole.​


  1. Introduction to Barefooting.

  2. Benefits: Connection to nature's natural energy. Athletic performance, Brain development, balance, spatial awareness, more responsive, adaptive, movement, and cognitive skills.

  3. History of Shoes

  4. Basic foot function

  5. How to Walk Barefoot

  6. The function of sensory receptors: Proprioceptors, Exteroceptors, and Interoceptors.

  7. Athletic performance, brain development, balance, spacial
    awareness, gait, and more

  8. Alignment/Posture

  9. Sensations vs Pain

  10. Natural Reflexology

  11. Earthing/Grounding

  12. Dew Walking

  13. Kneipping

  14. Safety

  15. What are the Laws

  16. Barefoot Running

  17. Minimalist shoes

  18. Recommended Websites, Resources, and Links

  19. Q&A

  20. Test

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