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Barefoot Sue

At the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic in March 2020, Sue wanted to offer something to the world. She thought about giving advice to the TikTok audience (teens and twenties) about how to overcome stress, fear, anxiety, and stay healthy during isolation by tapping into nature. It’s free and available to everyone. By showing her personal barefoot experiences in the ice and snow, her second 15-second post has generated 9.6 million views and Sue now has over 170,000 followers. A keen and curious audience that hungers for more information every day. Sue established a reputation for sharing some of the science, insights, and tips for barefooting and using cold therapy to overcome the struggles of these times.


By stepping back and letting nature find its own way to restore, we have seen incredible results in ecosystems that require passive management. If we apply that same philosophy we can experience natural benefits in our life. Sue combines barefooting, forest bathing, cold therapy, meditation, walking, and a return to simplify wellness, improve alignment, manage stress, and in the end become more authentically you. Coaching is offered in small groups (4 people) or private one on one Rewilding Coaching.Contact Sue for a FREE 30-minute Coaching
Call to find out more. 7058264641.

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How Barefooting Changed My Life

Barefoot Healing

By reconnecting with nature in my bare feet 14 years ago, I found a powerful connection to the earth and Mother Nature that I had been looking for my entire life. Because I wore shoes, I felt disconnected and lost all the time. Initially it was fun discovering all the different terrains and sensations I was experiencing but It was when I discovered that I had developed excellent balance, I was more flexible, my feet/ankles were super strong, and I had more energy that I began to pay more attention to the benefits. My emotional state was more in control and I felt genuine happiness. Every time I went to the forest barefoot I finished my walk or run with a feeling of overall calmness and I was filled with a sense of joy that lasted for days. The inflammation in my body went away and I noticed my overall health had improved. I was living a barefoot lifestyle and loved it.

-Barefoot Sue

Barefoot Earthing Experience - Muskoka

I'll introduce you to the healing benefits of Earthing, barefooting, forest bathing and share stories from my Wim Hof Winter Expedition in Poland. You'll be taught how to safely explore Mother Nature in all seasons while in your bare feet.


5 Easy Ways To Start Experiencing the Benefits of Barefooting Today

How to Wear Bare Feet

  1. Get comfortable being barefoot. Start by taking your shoes/slippers and socks off while in your home. They block your ability to experience your environment. 

  2. Walk barefoot indoors. Be aware of landing on the ball of your foot first and then drop your heel to the ground. Avoid heel striking as it’s not natural. 

  3. Practice Earthing. At least once a day go outside barefoot and stand on grass, dirt, stone or in water. Be still, close your eyes and tap into the energy from the earth through the soles of your feet.

  4. Feel Sensations. Walk outside for 5 minutes a day. You have 200,000 sensory receptors on the sole of each foot that connects to the brain and this will exercise them.

  5. Experience nature. Once a week, go to a park or forest and walk on different terrains. Step on the roots, on dirt, in water or mud, on moss, or any other surface and notice how you react.


In nature, nothing is right or wrong. It just is. 

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Barefoot Shoes

In the 70's the athletic shoe companies convinced us we should wear shoes with significant arch support, cushioning. and padding in the heels. Now research shows we should have a zero drop shoe with minimal support. 


We have more than 200,000 sensory nerve endings bottom of our feet with the function to communicate to the brain information the environment that the body is in (such as the terrain, the temperature, humidity and much more). This way all the systems in the body can adjust to the environment, including our cardiovascular system and nervous system. 


For serious barefooters, many retail stores have a policy "no shoes, no shirt, no service". If you wear Barefoot Shoes, there's a good chance they won't ask you to leave because they will think you are wearing regular shoes! 


Invented/designed by Sue Regan Kenney, a Camino pilgrim who walks and runs barefoot because there wasn't anything on the market to meet her needs.

As seen on the hit TV show Dragons’ Den.


Connect soul to sole.

Feel more confident about being barefoot, indoors or outdoors. 

Available in neoprene (vegan) and deerskin. 

Designed and Made in Canada.

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