Barefoot Socks

Barefoot Socks


Great for Cold Feet 


As barefooting becomes more popular, socially acceptable, and more research is done to better understand the health benefits, there has been an increase in people bare footing in nature, in the snow, and embarking on the practice of ice water plunges. Many people experience painful sensations in their feet and hands in cold temperatures and this discourages them from this practice. We made Barefoot Socks in neoprene to help improve the experience of barefooting in different temperatures and they can be used for cold or ice water plunges. Always use caution with any cold exposure practice and consult with your doctor. 

Note: Barefoot Socks are not waterproof and they will not keep your feet warm indefinitely in the cold but will slightly extend the period of time you can be in nature, snow, or cold water. 


  • Experience the sensation of being barefoot in nature without fear of stepping on something sharp or getting cold feet right away.

  • Reduce pain. Your feet will temporarily remain warmer longer in the socks. 

  • Go barefoot in the snow. Feel the sensation of snow without feeling the cold snow right away.

  • Don’t slip. Neoprene grips on snow but is slippery on floors. We’ve added a grip on the ball to reduce the possibility of slipping on the floor.