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  Rewilding Series 
  Let's Get Wild Together!

Hey, it’s Barefoot Sue and I'm so excited to share my FIRST Online Course in the Rewilding Series Barefoot NO-Boot Camp on December 16, 2022 . It doesn't matter where you are located in the world, you can join LIVE or buy the Recorded Session and participate at your convenience.  Presell Offer 50% Off. Regular $68 Sale $34

After I went viral on TikTok, 9.5 M views, then on YouTube with SkyLife 1.8 M views and then celebrity influencer Anthony Padilla contacted me to do a video with him, I decided it was time I put this idea of barefooting and rewilding online learning into action. My life work is to share being connected naturally to the earth in many other ways. 

At Barefoot NO-Boot Camp is a biohack for longevity. Shoes are optional and feel free to join online while outside, so you can immediately begin to experience the sensations as you learn. I'll talk about the importance of rewilding your body, brain, and domesticated feet to uncover the human adaptation properties that will build trust, some of the science, and on how to make it a practice in your life. Join the Barefoot Movement!

My approach is based on an intuitive practice I’ve been developing over the last 12 years, research and training with Podietrist Dr Emily Splichal along with my own experiences, walking the Camino barefoot, and living a barefoot lifestyle in the all seasons in Canada.                                                                        

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Learn from Barefoot Sue


Do you want to start a barefoot practice some of the time and don't know how or why to start? This workshop is designed for you.

Maybe you've been following me for some time on social media or you saw one of the videos that I was profiled in, and you want to try connecting to nature as a practice or in an extreme way, but you're not sure how. Here is the answer. The first ever Barefoot NO-Boot Camp online is going to be LIVE with me! There will be a Q & A at the end so you can ask any questions too. You'll want to be here!

The First Course in the Rewilding Series
SALE 50% Off
Barefoot NO-Boot Camp 
Regular $68 SALE $34 

December 16th

Join LIVE with Barefoot Sue

Barefooting for people interested in Natural Biohacking. 12 Noon EST. 90 Minutes.

Can't make it? Buy the Recorded Session!

The Rewilding Series will expand on this. Since winter is here, in the next workshop in January, we will cover how to safely use the cold weather to become cold habituated for better health. Discovering activities like barefoot in the cold weather, open water swimming, snowbathing, cold water plunging, snowga, face plunging, or slowly getting used to not overdressing for the warmth will be covered. It's all about embracing the cold as a way to help your body and brain use the adaptation skills they have to improve your health.Learn natural biohacks for longevity, better health, improve immunity, reduce inflammation and so much more. Just ask Barefoot Sue!

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