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Barefoot Friendly Trails

These recommendations have been identified by Barefoot Environmentalists who have personally walked some of the trail. Each recommendation is vetted by Barefoot Sue's Team as a trail or path set in nature that is ideal for barefooting. The terrain includes earth, rock, roots, mud, and other natural surfaces. If there is gravel, then it is identified as Advanced. The suggestions are for someone starting their barefoot practice or for more experienced barefooters who want to discover new places. 

If you know of a trail or path in a natural environment that you want to recommend, please click here to fill out a form for consideration. Thankyou for your contribution!

Reduce Your Footpint™ 

Join the Barefoot Movement

Mother Nature Needs YOU!

Join the Barefoot Movement.


Hi! it's Barefoot Sue.

If you know my story, I was called to encourage barefooting through a message I received from Mother Earth asking me to: “Bring people back to the forest.” In time I came to understand that she meant that she wanted me to help people to connect with nature through their bare feet. The ‘forest’ could be a trail, a local city park, your backyard, a patch of grass, or a sandy beach. 

More recently she spoke to me again, suggesting:

“Don’t forget about the environment.”

So I dug up a slogan I used a few years ago called, 

Reduce Your Footprint™ 
Join the Barefoot Movement.  


It is clear more people are ready to embrace more natural practices in their life and barefooting is being practiced more. Our environment has become a top priority. Wearing shoes/boots puts wear and tear on the earth when we walk on trails. If you step on moss barefoot, it bounces back up but if you are wearing hiking boots, chances are you will rip the moss off the rock or ground as you dig into it with your thick soles. To top it off, a survey reports that the average American man owns

12 pairs of shoes, while the average American woman owns 27 pairs. That would make the national average about 19 pairs per person. And the average person buys

7 pairs of shoes a year. So in total 2.4 Billion pairs of shoes were bought in the US in 2022 alone! What is the impact of that on the environment? What can we do?

You can become a Barefoot Environmentalist by being barefoot in nature and actively protecting the environment. Join the

Barefoot Movement on Facebook.

Click Here to learn more about how you can actively contribute to our ongoing projects as a Barefoot Environmentalist.

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