The Camino 

What is the Camino De Santiago?

The Camino de Santiago is the largest network of famous ancient medieval pilgrimage routes in Europe that people have been walking for almost 1000 years. The most popular route is the Camino Frances and this section spans almost 900 kilometers in Spain. Some walk for the adventure, for absolution, for someone who can’t physically walk, and for religious or spiritual reasons. By leaving the ordinary world, everyone who walks experiences their own journey with many life lessons and insights. For many it can be life changing.

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My Camino

After being downsized from her telecom career, Sue decided to walk the Camino on a spiritual quest to face her deepest fear about what was her purpose in life. Over 29 days she had to face the truth. With each step she took forward, she walked back to her authentic self only to discover everything she needed was within her. Her life’s work is to share the incredible experience and lessons learned so others can explore how to face fear, find purpose, and embrace the act of walking to embody the virtues of being a pilgrim each and every day. To date she has walked the Camino 29 times, covering a variety of distances, on many of the routes, and in different seasons. Her book My Camino is in development as a feature film adaptation by Item 7 Productions in Montreal.

On her first pigrimage on the Camino Frances in 2001 Sue learned a story about putting her sorrow into a stone and placing it down on the Camino. When she arrived in Santiago she realized that she had let go of what had been holding her back from connecting to her authentic self. Sue continued the practice and shared the story with thousands of people back home through her books, workshops, and speaking. Prior to leaving to walk every other Camino, Sue would put a call out on social media to offer to put people’s intention in stones she picked up for them and she set them down along the way. It was her gift to people who couldn’t walk the Camino or those who requested she lay a “Sorrow Stone’ for them. Watch a video about the stones.


Camino Coach

Walk the Camino Coaching Program is for people interested in walking the Camino alone or with others. If you want to walk the Camino but feel that you would benefit from having a Camino Coach prior to embarking on the journey, and to help integrate the experience back home, Sue offers a unique program to prepare you for the spiritual, mental, and physical journey you are about to embark on. Sue’s Camino Coaching Programs are held over a 4 week period. You’ll have a weekly Zoom coaching session with Sue for 60 minutes, selected videos to watch, and some pilgrim-like homework to complete. You’ll get a packing list, a training program and lots more. It’s easy to follow and you will be guided through the process with Sue. All Coaching programs can be customized to suit your needs. Groups are welcome. 

Coaching Dates

March 15 - April 11, 2021

May 17 - June 13, 2021

Fees: $295.00 CAD plus HST

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Note: Custom Dates can be arranged..

Rewilding Coach

Nature is healing. By stepping back and letting nature find its own way to restore, we have seen incredible results in ecosystems that require passive management. If we apply that same philosophy to our minds and body, we can experience natural benefits in our life. Sue combines barefooting, forest bathing, cold therapy, meditation, walking, and a return to nature to offer some easy ways to simplify wellness, improve alignment, become more equanimous, manage stress, and in the end become more authentically you. Coaching is offered in small groups (4 people) or private one on one Rewilding Coaching. Contact Sue for a FREE 3o minute Coaching Call to find out more. 7058264641.

Coaching Dates

Group Coaching Date

Saturday, February 20, 2021.

Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm EST



Group $195.00 CAD plus HST

Private Coaching $150.00 CAD plus HST per Hour


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Custom Dates can be arranged for private coaching.

Writing by the Water

Writing Coach

Sue has coached several authors on the journey to write their own story as a non-fiction book. Using her expertise as an author, story editor, and screenwriter, Sue guides people on their writing journey to guide the process of sharing their personal story in the written word. Program is 4 Weeks of private one hour Zoom Calls with Sue, and a review and feedback on 10 pages of writing samples you provide.

Coaching Dates

Dates are flexible. 

Fees: $349.00 CAD plus HST

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Looking to Experience the Camino For Yourself

My Top 5 Tips For Your First Camino

Walk the Camino and shift your perspective. 

  1. Write down your intention for walking the Camino and make sure you read it everyday before you leave and while you are walking. It’s okay if it changes.

  2. Practice the virtue of being a simple pilgrim in life. If things get complicated, then simplify them or let go of control. 

  3. Make walking a way of life. Walk every single day before, during, and after your Camino.  

  4. Wear comfortable shoes (not boots) or go barefoot. Hiking sandals are fantastic. Wear merino wool socks, or go barefoot in them. 

  5. Pack lightly and keep an open mind. If carrying a backpack is too much for you, then use the backpack service on the Camino.

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My Camino is the story of the spiritual journey of a woman confronting her deepest fear. Suddenly downsized from her corporate telecom career, Canadian Sue Kenney walked 780 kilometers on a medieval pilgrimage route in Spain known as the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. She went alone in the winter with the intention of finding her life purpose.

Confessions Of A Pilgrim.jpg

Confessions of a Pilgrim is Sue’s second book that takes us on the journey walking the Portuguese Route of the Camino in both directions. Prior to leaving, she is entrusted with a sacred Eagle Feather that is given to her by a Native friend as a result of a vivid dream. Her pilgrimage turns into a mystical quest when she is confronted with the challenge of finding a worthy recipient for this great honour before returning back home.

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