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Lockdown Biohack #12 - Get Cold

The other day I went to the Post Office in my skirt and tank top. It was a balmy minus 2C outside and there was snow everywhere. Another day last week I was snowshoeing without a coat and in shorts. Whenever I'm out in public most people look at me strangely and some even comment. I respond by taking every opportunity to share the benefits of human adaptation, increased activity for neuroreceptors messaging to the brain, activating the nervous system, building brown adipose fat, reducing inflammation, a bit of a cardiovascular workout, and more.

For me, these benefits outweigh being seen in my unusual winter fashion look!

Have you ever gone outside in the snow in your shorts? In a sleeveless top? Without mittens? Barefoot? In a skirt? Most people haven't but it's not too late to try. We have been socially conditioned to dress warmly to go outside in the cold, even if we are just putting the garbage out, but you don't have to follow those norms. If you are like me and prepared to step out of your comfort zone to tap into natural wellness and healing, what would you wear?

Start slowly. Go outside without a coat first and see how quickly you adapt. We live in an organic world, we have an organic body, and an organic mind. If you want to change your perspective to get through another day of isolation, then change something you are doing.

A reminder that it's incredibly important to always have warm clothes, boots, and mittens packed in the car if you are driving somewhere in the cold. When snowshoeing close to home I am always aware of changes in temperature so I can respond quickly and head home if I get cold or wet.

Feel free to share pictures on social media so others can learn from you. Tag #lockdownbiohacks Tag me on Instagram @caminosue and FB Sue Regan Kenney

I encourage you to include the whole family.

Keep being cool.

Soul to sole,

Barefoot Sue


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