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Talking about Barefooting on CBC Ontario Morning Radio

Ontario Morning from CBC Radio with Ramraajh Sharvendiran:

Exploring the barefoot lifestyle with Barefoot Sue. the winter? This morning, our very own Jared Hillel met up with a barefooter in Muskoka, whose passion for going shoeless may just convince you to take up this lifestyle as well.

It was 4C, raining and snowing at times, and there was a strong wind too. Extreme conditions for extreme barefooting at Sunnyside Park in Toronto.

In the interview you'll hear me explain to Jared how to walk barefoot. I suggested he start slowly and be sure to avoid jamming your heels into the ground. Step in the forefront of your foot, around the ball of the foot and then drop the heel down slowly, very gently to avoid injuries. There are so many benefits including how it affects your physical health, mental health, posture, strong feet and a sense of joy! Check out my book How to Wear Bare Feet for more insights.

Happy Barefooting!

Barefoot Sue

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