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Lockdown Biohack #17 - Natural Reflexology

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Our feet are designed to experience environments, massage organs, stimulate energy flow, eleminate toxins, improve brain function and so much more. It can even boost your immune system which we all need right now during the pandemic. When we wear shoes all the time, we lose this important function because the insole is usually flat and non-stimulating.

According to studies that have been carried out over the years, the number of shoes the average woman owns in America ranges from about 17 to 27 pairs. Women are spending a lot of time disconnected from nature, in a non-stimulating envoronment, and from the earths energy in shoes that deform our feet, misalign our posture, cost ridiculous sums of money, and have a huge carbon footprint*. Not only that but high heeled shoes encourage and promote inflammation and pain. What drives us to do this is social pressure and a desire to be safe too.

Reflexology is the specific application of pressure to points in the hands, ears, and feet by a trained reflexologist. This in turn removes energy blockages and promotes health in the corresponding body area. If the area is tender or tense, it is a good sign it needs stimulation and pressure is applied with a finger or thumb. During the lockdown, it's not easy to visit a professional reflexologist but there is another option for you to work with your feet. Go barefoot.

Natural reflexology is available at all times, even during a pandemic. All you have to do is go barefoot. Walk around your home and feel the different sensations associated with the type of floor covering there is. Get a small rubber ball and put it under your bare foot. Then roll it around stimulating the sole of your foot. What is even more interesting is to go outside and walk around barefoot on the ground. Find different textures. Stand on the edge of the sidewalk or on a rock and roll back and forth. Use your environment to your advantage. It's free too!

Happy Barefooting!

Soul to sole,

Barefoot Sue

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