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Lockdown Biohack #18 - Listen

Did you know that our ears are pointed up as they were designed to hear the birds so that we could survive? We know where there are birds, there are trees, and usually water is nearby too. These are the basic neccessities of life and determining their location is a critical part of our bodys' physical design.

As we mature in life, hearing loss, or presbycusis, is evident to almost everyone to some degree. Usually it's more severe among men and often runs in families. It's the high pitched sounds we lose first and that means that sadly it's harder to hear the birds singing. By understanding the importance of the design of our ears we can be more aware of their function and

Today's biohack is to go outside and listen. Be aware of the sounds you hear from above? Can you hear the wind? What about the birds? Where are the squirrels? Is it snowing?

Why not focus on the sound of silence too!

If your hearing isn't the best or there are fewer birds around you because of winter, here is the link to an awesome app that offers the chance to hear different birds singing. Check out this cool interactive bird Song Plate courtesy of MCV and Cornell. What is your favourite bird song and why?

Listening is another way to biohack isolation. We feel a part of something greater than ourselves and it gives us the chance to connect with nature again and again.

Soul to sole,

Barefoot Sue

*Photo credit Krista Storey


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