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Lockdown Biohack #3 - Go Barefoot

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

If you don’t like the cold or always have cold feet this is the perfect biohack for you. Anyone who knows me is fully aware that I would recommend some barefooting as a way to be connected.

You can feel absolutely confident that as humans, our feet are designed to adapt to a variety of environments. Each foot has over 200,000 sensory receptors on the sole that send messages to the brain to let it know the environment your body is in so it can begin to adjust systems in the body to make sure you are protected and safe. For example: If you go outside in the snow in your barefoot, the receptors use neuro-pathways to communicate to the brain. Once your brain has determined the main organs in your body are safe and warm, it will begin to send warm blood to the feet to warm them up. Isn’t that fascinating!

Here’s a daily winter barefoot practice to inspire you to go outside in nature.

Start each day by stepping outside every morning. Instead of looking at your phone or thermometer to see the weather, discover it for yourself. Go out on your deck, stand on the ground, on the snow, walk down your driveway, go to a park (take shoes with you), wander around the backyard, or barefoot wherever you can be outside in nature. You can stand still or walk around to feel sensations of cold, wet, dry, and more. Encourage your family/household to do it too. My 88-year-old Mum goes barefoot and even steps out onto her balcony in her bare feet in all kinds of weather. She loves the feeling of different temperatures and sensations on her feet.

If you make this a daily practice and you will feel refreshed, have more clarity, be more aware, feel connected to the earth and others, and maybe even you’ll laugh out loud. Try not to be afraid but rather aware. Have fun!

Get some other barefooting ideas on my TikTok - Barefoot Sue. (you don’t have to sign up for a profile to watch)

Happy Barefooting!

Soul to sole,

Barefoot Sue

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