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Lockdown Biohack #11 - Faceplunge

More fun in the snow.

Someone whom I have great admiration and respect for is Dr. Perry Nickolson, also known as the Lymph Doc. He always posts interesting information on his Instagram page, Stop Chasing Pain about how the brain and body constantly try to heal us, and last week was no exception. He posted a quote that I would love to share with all of you since it is also my philosophy about health and what the 28 Days of Lockdown Biohacks are all about. He said, " Your brain is only interested in change, difference, and contrast." He went on to say that he doesn't believe in right or wrong movements but different movements. Just do something.

Everything I've been posting in this blog is about changing sensations, learning how to adapt, shifting perspective, and giving your brain and all the cells in your body, something to do. They want you to be healthy and it's their job to ensure you are. It's not so much about what you do, but that you do something that is different. Tease your brain. Wake it up. Make it think and you are bound to have a response.

Since we still have snow in Ontario while in this lockdown, let's take advantage of it to impact a change, something different, and some contrast. It's called a FACEPLANT and we always try to do it at my weekend Wim Hof Method Workshops (on hold until this pandemic is under control). These pics were taken at a workshop in January 2019.

All you do is stick your face in the snow and hold it there until it feels good and cold. Remember you want to create a contrast. Then carefully lift your face up out of the snow and feel free to laugh out loud! Sometimes it's not that clear when you look at it but if you take a picture it pops out in 3D. Get the whole family doing it.

Feel free to share your experiences so others can learn from you. Tag #lockdownbiohacks #faceplunge

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Keep being cool.

Soul to sole,

Barefoot Sue

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