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 Meet Barefoot Sue

 Natural Biohacker 

 Barebottom Shoes
The only real
Barefoot Shoe!


Are you Barefoot Friendly?

Being Barefoot Friendly means you don’t judge others about their choice about what they wear on their feet. You don't necessarily go barefoot yourself, but are curious about the practice and you want to be informed about why people go barefoot and the health benefits.

Barefoot Friendly people want to participate in creating a new barefoot ecosystem by raising awareness about the environmental impact of manufacturing shoes and disposal of shoes on our environment. Join our Barefoot Friendly Community and get a free copy of How to Wear Bare Feet Ebook.

Barefoot Sue in Quebec City living a barefoot lifestyle.

Who Is Barefoot Sue?

Barefoot Sue is an eco conscious advocate for reducing our footprint on the environment by creating a Barefoot Practice, wearing less footwear, normalizing barefooting, and repurposing used shoes. 


As a Rewilding/Barefooting Coach and a certified Wim Hof Method Level 2 Instructor she is passionate about using a natures bio hack for health and anti-aging. She has walked various distances on the Camino pilgrimage, often barefoot, guiding and coaching groups a total of 29 times! The author of My Camino,  Confessions of a Pilgrim, and How to Wear Bare Feet.

Sue on mountain barefoot.jpeg
Reduce Your Footprint on the Environment
Join our Barefoot Friendly activities to help normalize having a Barefoot Practice for mental and physical health, and encourage grounding with nature.  

We have partnered with Soles4Souls Canada and through their work, we will extend the life of shoes that can't be recycled and instead they help people in low-income countries build small businesses by reselling them so people can get jobs and attend schools.

Co-create with a group of like-minded 'soles' who want to contribute positively to the environment by purchasing Barefoot Friendly Stickers and Pins to help raise money for this cause and increase awareness about the benefits of a Barefoot Practice. 

What They're Saying

Sue was an energetic and inspirational instructor! My wife Patricia and I had a wonderful day with Sue and really enjoyed our conversations and learnings on Wim Hof breathing. Thank you Sue for opening this new chapter in our life journey for us!

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