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Barefoot Sue Viral 
YouTube 2.0 M Views

 Meet Sue Kenney

 Natural Biohacker 

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Rewild Yourself

NEW Rewilding Series

Online Courses

Launch Offer 50% Off 

Barefoot NO-Boot Camp

Why Go Natural?

Humans are designed with the ability to adapt. Whether it’s adapting to a changing environment physically or mentally, it’s our greatest survival skill. For adaptation to work efficiently we must use it or lose it. Rewilding ecologically is the idea that by stepping back and letting nature find its own way to restore, it's very effective and we have seen incredible results in ecosystems that now require passive management. Why not apply the same theory to our life and benefit by the beautiful, functionally brilliant design of our brain and body?

By rewilding to our body, we can experience natural healing benefits and more passively manage it to free up more time for creativity, community, and a better life. Combining an approach to life that includes barefooting, forest bathing, cold habituation, meditation, walking, and time in nature, we can simplify an important part of our wellness focus, improve alignment, strengthen our nervous system, boost our immune system, reduce inflammation, and so much more. If you don't know where to start, I've developed the first Online Workshop Barefoot NO-Boot Camp

Recorded Session. This is part of a Rewilding Series of workshops designed educate, inspire, and practice with you. You'll learn how to create a rewilding practice and reconnect with nature in everyday life. The upcoming workshop is on Cold Habituation and will be Live with Barefoot Sue on January 20 at 12 Noon ET! Get ready to love the cold!


Wim Hof & Sue in Primal Barefoot Shoes

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50% Off December Only

NEXT Workshop is Cold Habituation January 20,2022.
Barefoot NO-Boot Camp Recorded Session


An Influencer!

Barefoot Sue went Viral on TikTok teaching the audience about the benefits of barefooting, especially during the pandemic. One video reached 9.6 M views!

Who Is Barefoot Sue?

Viral on TikTok 9.5 M views & YouTube 1.7 M views & a Guest on The Doctors TV

Barefoot Sue is a Rewilding Coach and a certified Wim Hof Method Instructor who is passionate about the physical and mental health benefits of a foundation barefoot practice and as a bio hack for anti-aging. Over the last 12 years she has lived a barefoot lifestyle and walked at least 1000 kilometres barefoot on the Camino trail. Sue has established a deep connection with Mother Nature in all seasons, including winter. In the first year of walking barefoot, she discovered that her asthma cleared up, her feet became strong and her balance improved. After many years of barefooting in the snow, she heard about Wim Hof. In 2017 she did a 5 day Poland Winter Expedition with him and was certified as a Wim Hof Method Level 2 Instructor. Most recently she has created a Rewilding Series of courses starting with Barefoot Grounding for the Beginner and Cold Habituation Practice.  The Launch Offer gives 50% off courses taken in the month of December.

Sue was invited as a guest on the Emmy Award seriesThe Doctors show, which is internationally syndicated and her episode aired in the USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Mexico, and Europe. Kenney and the Dr's offer tips and ideas for people to adapt to the cold and includes interviews with Dr. Andrew Orden, Dr Sonia Batra and Professor Mike Tipton, a thermoregulation expert from UK. She actually plunges in an ice hole in Lake Muskoka, Canada. From the University of Portsmouth to share about the health benefits of submerging your body in cold water. Sue shares that anyone can start getting the benefits of the cold beginning with your morning shower. 

What They're Saying

Sue was an energetic and inspirational instructor! My wife Patricia and I had a wonderful day with Sue and really enjoyed our conversations and learnings on Wim Hof breathing. Thank you Sue for opening this new chapter in our life journey for us!

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