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Who Is BarefootSue?

Viral on TikTok & Guest on The Doctors TV

Sue has lived a barefoot lifestyle and has established a deep connection with Mother Nature in all seasons over the last 10 years. Every day she practices the Wim Hof Method and throughout the winter does ice water plunges in Lake Couchiching. 


Recently, Sue was invited as a guest on the Emmy Award series The Doctors TV show, which is internationally syndicated and her episode aired on February 10, 2021, in the USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Mexico, and Europe. Kenney and the Dr's offer tips and ideas for people to adapt to the cold and includes interviews with Dr. Andrew Orden, Dr Sonia Batra and Professor Mike Tipton, a thermoregulation expert from UK. 


President Biden did a polar bear plunge, but for some cold plunging is a way of life. Meet cold water enthusiast Sue Kenney who joins from two hours north of Toronto and Professor Mike Tipton from the University of Portsmouth to share about the health benefits of submerging your body in cold water. Sue shares that anyone can start getting the benefits of the cold beginning with your morning shower. Watch here!

Cold water enthusiast Sue Kenney shares that all the benefits of a cold plunge happen within 90 seconds and 2 minutes of being in the water. Professor Mike Tipton from the University of Portsmouth studies extreme environments and shares that short dips in cold water may help to activate your immune system. Watch Boost your immune system.

Getting in the lake! 

Watch Sue after the ice plunge.


After being was downsized and decided to walk 800 kilometers on a medieval pilgrimage route known as the Camino.  Since then she has walked a variety of distances on the Camino 29 times, alone and guiding groups.


It was through her connection to nature while walking that inspired her to go barefoot. In the first year of walking barefoot, she discovered that her asthma cleared up, her feet became strong and her balance improved. After years of barefooting in the snow, she heard about Wim Hof. In 2017 she was trained by him in Poland and again at the Wim Hof Method Instructor Certification. Sue committed to serving humanity by sharing the healing power of nature through Rewilding Coaching, teaching the Wim Hof Method, and she went viral on TikTok as Barefoot Sue when she began posting tips for isolation and stress management at the beginning of the pandemic.


She is a Camino Coach and Guide, Level 2 Rowing Coach, and the author of My Camino, Confessions of a Pilgrim, and How to Wear Bare Feet.

Her book My Camino is in development as a feature film with production company Item 7, in Montreal.

What They're Saying

Sue was an energetic and inspirational instructor! My wife Patricia and I had a wonderful day with Sue and really enjoyed our conversations and learnings on Wim Hof breathing. Thank you Sue for opening this new chapter in our life journey for us!

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