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Lockdown Biohack #2 - Loving Winter

Many people I meet when I’m barefoot and wearing a skirt in the winter, talk about how much they hate winter and that it’s absolutely mandatory to get away from it and head somewhere warm. What a waste of precious energy to be constantly thinking about something so negative, year after year! We have enough to deal with today, just working through social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands, and a never-ending fear of infection, it’s debilitating to add anything else to that. Why not use your precious brain activity for something creative, fun, positive, and life-enhancing.

For today, start by looking out the window at the snow or the cold day. Notice if you feel cold just looking at it. Nothing has changed except you have developed a reaction to seeing snow. You can change that. See if you can find something about winter that you never noticed before. Are the clouds white or blue? Is the snow flaky or crystal? Is it bright or dull? Write down what you see.

Now go outside and feel the cold. I encourage you to include the whole family. Touch the snow with your bare hands and think about loving it rather than avoiding it. If you don’t have snow then touch the ground, the earth. What are you feeling? What are you thinking? What physical reaction happens? Everything you experience and think is real, in your mind. The good news is that you can change that reality if you choose.

Feel free to tag #lockdownbiohack and share your experiences. Tag me on Insta @barefootsue or FB Sue Regan Kenney so others can learn from you.

Soul to sole,

Barefoot Sue

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