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Why Go Natural?

Get inspired to go barefoot and reconnect with Mother Nature soul to sole. Discover how to walk your Camino virtually, here at home, or in Europe with an expert pilgrim/guide. Learn the Wim Hof Method with Sue, a Level 2 Instructor, and tap into your innate ability to be healthy, happy, and strong. 


 Start with with these 4 Practices recommended by Barefoot Sue!

1. Ground yourself in your bare feet outside to restore your body to its natural state. You’ll discover an ability to tap into the earth's electrons and energy to naturally receive physiological and health benefits. 

2.Rewild yourself to reverse the aging process by returning to the forest/park to find beauty in silence, stillness, wildlife, insects, mud and more. Make it a point to learn about birds, reptiles, marine animals, and wildlife.

3.End your warm shower with a cold shower starting with 30 seconds to rediscover how to willfully activate your sympathetic nervous system, improve cell function, dampen inflammation, face fear, and more. 

4. Eat naturally and think about where your food comes from. Notice what clothes you wear and how they are made so you can reduce your footprint. 


Learn from Sue who serves humanity by inspiring others how to shift their perspective about the power of living naturally.


Expand Your Human Potential


Who Is BarefootSue?

As Seen on TikTok

Sue has lived a barefoot lifestyle and has established a deep connection with Mother Nature over the last 10 years. Sue was downsized 19 years ago and decided to walk 800 kilometers on a medieval pilgrimage route known as the Camino. It was her connection to nature while walking that inspired her to go barefoot. In the first year of walking barefoot she discovered that her asthma cleared up, her feet became strong and her balance improved. Barefooting in the snow led her to meet Wim Hof. In 2017 she was trained by him in Poland and again at the Wim Hof Method Instructor Certification. Sue committed to serving humanity by sharing the healing power of nature. She went viral on TikTok as Barefoot Sue when she posted at the beginning of the pandemic. A Camino Coach and Guide, Level 2 Rowing Coach, and the author of My Camino, Confessions of a Pilgrim, and How to Wear Bare Feet.

What They're Saying

Sue was an energetic and inspirational instructor! My wife Patricia and I had a wonderful day with Sue and really enjoyed our conversations and learnings on Wim Hof breathing. Thank you Sue for opening this new chapter in our life journey for us!

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